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About Us

Leadership. Cooperation. Sustainability.

Employee & member owned local renewable energy electric vehicles as a service transportation services co-operative.

We provide contactless eDelivery services, eCar ride hailing and ridesharing, eBike and eScooter rentals and lease-to-own program.

Join our co-op with monthly subscription plans starting at $19.95 per month. Download our mobile app at the Google Play store or the Apple store, and choose the level of membership you desire.

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Leadership. Cooperation. Sustainability.
eScooters for rent or our Share-2-Own program
eBikes for rent or our Share-2-Own program
eVehicles for ride hailing and eDeliveries
We provide eDelivery, eCar rides, eScooter and eBike rentals


VP People Power
Category: Human Resources
Vice President of People Power Job Description (Opening & advertised):VP of People Power will be responsible for employee hiring, training, development, and retention. VP of People Power shall have a term appointment of 1 year and shall be responsible for implementation of company values & culture into every aspect of employee relations and benefits programs. The VP of People Power shall ...read more
Contact: Alex Garland
Phone:(833) 469-8659
Member Services Partner
Category: Transportation and Warehousing
Member Services Partners are the frontline and perform a variety of activities including: Customer Service, contactless eVehicle deliveries, dispatching, order assisting, troubleshooting, Member relationship management, eVehicle pickup & delivery, Conducting eVehicle tours, Providing members with car rides in conjunction with member eVehicle tours, Direct Sales & Marketing for renewable energy, ...read more
Contact: Alex Garland
Phone:(833) 469-8659